• 800 to 1,200 Lumen LED 3-6D Cell 3.6-9V 10W

800 to 1,200 Lumen LED upgrade module

Energy Saving - High Efficiency - Shock resistant and durable

10W Cree LED

3 Modes High, Medium and Low.

Upgrade your 3D, 4D, 5D, or 6D Cell Maglite flashlight.

No extra parts required.

Approximate Run-Time: (To be verified)

High: 4.5 hours

Medium: 18 hours

Low: 80 hours plus

Changing Modes:

From the ON position you can click the switch quickly (ON-OFF-ON) to ramp through the light modes.

The light will cycle through High, Medium, and Low modes. 

When you get to the brightness mode you want stop clicking.

Allow the light to remain on for 5 to 10 seconds, the mode that it has been running in will be memorized.

When you next power on your Maglite it will be in the mode you last used for 5 to 10 seconds.

6-month warranty.

Long LED Life - 30,000 hours plus

Easy Installation:

  1. Unscrew and completely removing the head of your Maglite flashlight.
  2. Next remove the bezel and lens from the head and take out the factory reflector.
  3. Insert the 800 lumen LED Module into the head (Older versions of the Maglite you may require that you remove the extra ring on the base of the LED Module so it will sit deeper in the head. The ring will just slip off the bottom of the bulb).
  4. Place the lens over the top of the LED Modules reflector and screw the bezel back on to the head.
  5. Remove the bulb retaining ring and bulb from the switch (if you have the bi-pin bulb you can press down on the tower to eject the plastic bi-pin bulb holder).
  6. Screw the head of the Maglite back on to the body until it is "snug", do not overtighten

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800 to 1,200 Lumen LED 3-6D Cell 3.6-9V 10W

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